Joseph | the alive life

Hi, I'm Joseph.

Within the alive life - I am a breathwork, qigong & transformational coach.

In my personal life - I love spending time in nature, dancing to good music & walking my dog along the coast, here in Cornwall, UK.

I am a taoist, surfer and someone who loves being creative. I'm passionate about healthy living, spreading high vibes and getting the most out of life.

my journey

Through my own challenges with fatigue, depression, motivation, disconnection, feeling lost and even suicidal ideation - I've personally witnessed the incredible significance of practices like breathwork, movement and other holistic tools within my life.

I have learned how to manage stress, enhance sleep and create more energy. I have also experienced higher states of consciousness, reprogrammed my brain, and worked through past traumas.

These tools have helped me to build a life I love and to live a life where I can feel truly grateful whatever storms may come my way.


my mission

My mission is to reconnect people with their inner wisdom - through the breath - the qi / prana / life-force.

Through my own challenges I have experienced the life-changing benefits of breathwork, qigong and other embodiment practices.

Dedicated to healthy living, finding balance and unlocking the power within - I help people to transform their health, discover their dreams and manifest their most inspired 'alive' lives.

my offer

I created the alive life to share all the wisdom I've gained on my transformative journey and to share it in a way that's enjoyable, easy and accessible to all.

The practices I have learned have become my gateway into a place of oneness and peace.

Whether it's working 1-1, hosting events or guiding sessions on breathe online studio - I love spreading the high vibes and being part of a community centred around health & wellness!


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