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a note from Joseph


I created breathe online studio with a vision: to make breathwork not just a practice, but a transformative journey that's enjoyable, easy, and accessible to all.

Having had such an active mind I truly appreciate how beneficial breathwork is when combined with great, uplifting music. It's become my gateway into a place of oneness and peace.

At breathe online studio, we're more than just a platform; we're a community. Where the blissful realms of breathwork meet the collective heartbeat of our members where studio evolves based on what you, our community, seek and need.

 Whether you're looking to find your calm, enhance your life, or simply wish to enjoy the euphoria of breathwork -  I'm here to guide you.

With a 14 Day Free Trial, your breathwork journey starts here. So come join us and experience for yourself this transformative power as we breathe.

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